Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Ohioptech will carry out work only where an agreement is provided either by email, telephone, mail or fax. Ohioptech will carry out work only for clients who are 18 years of age or above. An ‘order’ is deemed to be a written or verbal contract between Ohioptech and the client, this includes telephone, fax and email agreements.



Renewable services are billed on a recurring basis established upon contract creation. These services automatically renew on that billing cycle unless notified 30 days prior to the next invoice billing cycle.

Service Cancellation

Please be advised, we recommend a 30 day timeline from the day you begin the cancellation process to effective date.

For any client that wishes to cancel services with Ohioptech, a written request must be received and account balances must be paid in full. The written request must specify the desired effective date of cancellation and services to be canceled.

Written requests may be sent by email or letter. If cancellation notice is sent by email the notice must be emailed to [email protected] If the cancellation notice is sent by letter it is to be directed to Ohioptech payment remittance address.

Once your written cancellation request and final payment are received, cancellation of service will commence. Please be aware that once a billing cycle has commenced we are unable to accommodate refunds for mid-billing cycle cancellation effective dates.